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Efficient and visual, online one click order is placed according to the estimated price, offline one-to-one quality service, visual order management, and improve the efficiency of multi order logistics management.
The track is visible, the digital logistics big data is visible, and the status of the whole process nodes is visible, so as to grasp the cargo transportation dynamics at any time.
There is no worry about people and goods. We guarantee the arrival of high-quality lines, and we will pay for late arrival. We guarantee the cabin and container in a limited amount by sea, and provide parcel post insurance for express delivery

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Shengda Global

The transport capacity network of many countries and regions in the world, and the diversified transport modes such as sea, land and air express, multimodal transport DDP, make the transport capacity flexible, controllable and guaranteed

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Worry free China Mexico special line and other national and industrial special lines

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Safe, efficient and pleasant.

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México por avión 12$/kg
Plazo: 10-18días

México por barco 8$/kg
Plazo: 30-40días

Más de 2 cúbicos metros : 500$/m3, plazo: 40-50días
México mini paquetes:
0.5kg    9.8$
1.0kg    14.8$
1.5kg    19.8$
2.0kg    24.8$
Plazo : 10-18días